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Easy Steps to Remove DOT Violation

Easy Steps to Remove DOT Violation

  • Posted On: October 23, 2023
  • Posted By: admin

In New York City, you probably cannot spot a neighborhood with a sidewalk! These pedestrian pathways are a significant aspect of commute and safety for the residents of cities like the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Long Island, Brooklyn, and Richmond Hill. However, upholding strict road traffic measures, the NYC government issues violations when sidewalks do not comply with the safety standards. It makes DOT violation repair NYC mandatory to ensure there are no potential threats of accidents and trip hazards.

All the residents in NYC are responsible for maintaining, repairing, replacing, and restoring the sidewalks adjacent to their properties. Failing to do so might result in receiving a violation from the DOT (Department of Transportation). The DOT conducts sidewalk inspections every five years. So, you must keep your sidewalk in good condition to be inspection-ready always!

Let us throw some light on NYC DOT sidewalk repair. But before that, it’s important to acknowledge the causes of DOT violations.

When Do You Receive a Violation?

Official notices issued by the DOT to property owners when their sidewalks fail to comply with the necessary standards are known as violations. These violations can be released during inspections by the DOT or when reported by anyone using the sidewalk. The DOT inspectors examine sidewalks for threats like:

  • Defects in sidewalks like cracks, potholes, missing concrete, broken curbs, improper slope, settlement, etc.
  • Potential trip hazards and accidents which may result in injuries to pedestrians and other traffic.

DOT violation repair NYC becomes necessary to avoid penalties and litigations that may even involve lawsuits and high insurance premiums. Moreover, nobody wants to be responsible for someone else’s broken bones or injured spine! Also, don’t forget the decreased curb appeal of your property along with the defamed reputation of your business!

DOT Violation Removal: What to do?  

If you have already received a violation and are worried about removing it, then let us remind you of a DOT violation removal contractor NYC specializing in proposing professional violation removal services. They can seamlessly handle violation cases with competent skills, knowledge, and expertise. These professionals help you to get rid of violations while ensuring you stay away from litigations. Also, apart from providing DOT violation repair Queens, these licensed and registered professionals ensure property owners can avoid potential problems due to unsettled violations.

Removing DOT Violation

Sidewalk violation removal can be complex if you do not seek professional service. It involves several steps. These are discussed below:

  • Do not delay; take prompt action. Hire an expert to remove DOT violation because they can handle the process conveniently and quickly.
  • Your professional contractor will assess the type and severity of the violation and recommend the best fix.
  • You cannot begin any repair until you have attained all the required permits. It is a laborious process and may take up to a few days. However, with a licensed contractor acquainted with DOT specifications, it will be done earlier than you think!
  • After acquiring permissions, your contractor will perform the necessary repairs. It may even include the replacement of the sidewalk.
  • On completion of DOT violation repair NYC, you need to file the documents to DOT for dismissal inspection.
  • DOT will re-inspect your sidewalk to ensure repairs are done as required. If everything goes right, DOT will remove the violation.

Final Notes

Though a sidewalk repair contractor can easily remove violations, it is always a wiser choice not to welcome violations! Keeping your sidewalk safe is a general responsibility and a prerequisite to lead a trouble-proof life!